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Case Studies

The work we do puts focus on knowing your audience, showing what works, designing meaningful experiences and embedding behavioural science. This is showcased in our case studies below.


Helping More People to Save for a Rainy Day

Around a third of all people in the UK have less than £100 in savings – despite savings being a core pillar of financial health. We worked with financial wellbeing app Wagestream to tackle the problem, launching a new feature that would help more than 500,000 frontline workers build up a financial savings buffer.

Understanding Metro Bank Customers' Real Preferences

We partnered with The Foundation, the company that helps brands and businesses pioneer on behalf of their customers on a project for Metro Bank, the high street bank that focuses on delivering great experiences for its customers. Metro Bank were in the process of relaunching their brand strategy, and wanted to know which new and existing products and services were most valued by their customers. This could then be used to develop a Customer Promise framework.

Understanding What Influences Job Decisions: Is Money All that Matters?

Our partner was Oliver Wyman, the global management consulting firm. Their objective was to develop a new framework that helped to explain the behavioural forces behind individuals' employment decisions, and in particular what factors beyond financial reward shape people's decisions to enter the labour market and choose particular careers.

Getting Citizens More Involved in Policy Making

Our partners were Engage Britain in the UK, and UNDP in countries around the world. Both organisations wanted to know what issues citizens thought needed to be tackled to make their countries better places to live

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