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Developing an index for belonging

Sector: HR

Team: Owain, Edward, Eugene, Sechele, Sidney

Partner: Connectr

The Challenge

We worked with Connectr, the HR tech firm, on their platform that helps organisations recruit and retain diverse talent. Their objective was to develop an index for measuring 'belonging' to demonstrate how Connectr increases the sense of engagement that candidates feel towards an organisation.

The Approach

We started by conducting an extensive review of the literature on belonging and existing indices. This enabled us to compile a set of questions for employees to answer that the evidence base suggested would correlate with belonging in a workplace. We then tested and validated these questions with a large sample of Connectr users. And then turned this into an index that can be used to measure the belonging scores of employers using Connectr.

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The Result

All employees of organisations using the Connectr platform are now asked the belonging index questions on a regular basis. In the future, this will enable Connectr to show firms how well they are performing against comparable organisations. As well as demonstrating what elements within the Connectr platform are most effective at turning the dial on belonging. Over time, this will be used to show how the sense of belonging changes over time, and the relationship between belonging and company outcomes.

Over 10,000 respondents to date

“The CogCo team are the best in the business at what they do. They helped us create and validate our Belonging Index, which provides us with a gold standard way of measuring employee engagement. They are also a pleasure to work with!” - Will Akerman, Founder and MD, Connectr

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